What do your "starting" prices include?

The majority of the listed prices include one seal on the front of the invite (if you have a fold design), the main invite single matted, stock envelope, and two inserts of choice. Full assembly, colored printing is included as well.

What quality paper items do you use?

I primarily use Envelopments, as well as other items from LCI Paper, Kelly Paper, and others.

How much lead time do you need? When is a good time to contact you?

I need a minimum of 30-60 days out from when you need them delivered to you. I only am able to take so many customers per month, so the earlier, the better!

Do you offer a catalog of products or custom products?

I do not have a catalog at this time, but all my invitations are custom products.

Do you handle design, printing, and assembly?

Yes. Assembly, Design, Printing

What specialty products do you provide?

Embossing, thermography, Recycled Paper, Seeded paper, Hand dyed silk ribbons

If I see an invitation on your gallery, can I change the colors and fonts?

Yes! All of my designs are custom... so I tailor it to your colors, style, and overall preferences. As long as the paper is available in your colors, anything is possible.

Do you provide samples?

Yes. You can purchase a sample of any invitation within my online galleries.

I have a specific budget, how is that taken into consideration?

Each invitation has a starting price. We can work to limit the extras and keep it simple, or select a design that fits more into your budget.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Currently I have shipped to Australia, Japan, Carribean and the UK. I have found that shipping can be quite pricey due to the weight of the invitations, as well as customs charges.

When should I mail out my wedding invitations? What about Save the Dates?

The majority of wedding invitations need to be sent out from 8-10 weeks in advance. Save the Dates should be mailed out 6-10 months out prior to your wedding.